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Conference at Examine Role of Technology in Education


Jonathan Rochelle, product manager at Google and the co-founder of Google Docs, will deliver the keynote speech at the second annual Fordham Digital Literacies Collaborative conference, to be held July 22 at the Lincoln Center campus.

The focus of the conference will be primarily on the impact of technology on literacy, which Kristen Turner, PhD, professor of education at the Graduate School of Education, wrote about earlier this year.

Turner, a conference organizer, noted that Rochelle, whose talk is entitled “You Should be Innovating,” co-created Google Docs and Sheets, two apps that teachers use regularly in their classrooms. He is also primarily responsible for Google Apps for Education, which reaches more than 40 million educators and students, and most recently launched Google Classroom and Google Expeditions.

“He is passionate about K-12 education. I expect he will talk about how failure is the key to innovation and that we need to experiment in the classroom and allow kids to innovate,” she said.

One of the conference goals is to be able to students to understand technology as an aid to learning, rather than a distraction from it.

Several New York City teachers will share some classroom technology demonstrations. Other speakers will address the ways digital tools affect our lives as individuals and educators, and present ways to use them to engage students in critical and creative thinking.

For more information visit the conference website or contact Kristen Turner at


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