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Fordham Westchester


Many a business deal has been sealed over a round of golf. Fordham Westchester is taking that concept a step further with the offering “Conquering the Course: Maximize Your Business and Golf Performance,” offered through Fordham University’s Executive Education Program during the fall semester. Patrick Montana, Ph.D., a certified master golf teaching professional and author of 27 books in the fields of management and marketing, is the instructor.

“There are many similarities in management and golf, as well as in teaching management and golf,” Montana said.  “Both require strategic thinking, planning, execution, control, evaluation and feedback.  Given golf’s popularity and global reach as well as its multibillion dollar market, we are constantly seeking ways to nurture this vibrant sport and make it and our business more efficient and effective.”

The course encompasses three sessions, including Wednesday, Oct. 15, and Wednesday, Oct. 22. The morning session begins at 9 a.m., and will discuss time management (Oct. 15) and managing for results (Oct. 15 and 22).  The afternoon sessions include two nine-hole golf instructional segments at Hollow Brook Golf Club in Cortlandt Manor, N.Y., which both begin at 1 p.m.

Fordham Westchester, at 400 Westchester Ave. in West Harrison, N.Y., is home to Fordham’s adult undergraduate program as well as the graduate schools of Social Service, Religion and Religious Education, Education, and Business Administration.

Golf and business go hand in hand. Professionals and executives have used the time-honored game to develop business relationships and build camaraderie for many a year. Conquering the Course gives students an opportunity to improve their golf game while discovering how to apply a results-oriented management system to a business career.

Montana has served as a visiting professor of management at Fordham’s Graduate School of Business Administration. His books include Conquering the Course: Nine Steps to Manage Your Business and Golf Expectations (John Wiley, 2001) and Management (Barron’s, 1987).

“This is our very first executive education course offering at Fordham Westchester,” said Francis Petit, Ed.D., Assistant Dean and Director of Executive Programs for the Graduate School of Business Administration. “This course certainly illustrates the unique opportunities that exist in Fordham Westchester for all professionals.”

“It sure seems like a big advantage if you know how to swing a golf club,” said Ron Jacobson, Ph.D., executive director of academic programs at Fordham Westchester, “and how to use golf strategies and risk taking concepts in business to stay in the green. I plan to register next semester.”


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